Stick to Me – Graham Parker and the Rumour

I am on a Parker tip, not Charlie but Graham. After listening to the new album I thought I would dive into an old one. This is not exactly the obvious choice for Parker fans, but it contains my favourite track all time, Watch the Moon Come Down. I would love to have the talent to come even close to writing a song like this, it is just perfect, I never tire of it. Even as a sticky punk kid I still liked it subtleties, it towered above the New Wave songs of the time, and still does.
Hidden gem; I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down, Graham Parker shows Paul Young how to own a cover version.
Best lyrical moment; As the workmen walk home, reflected in the car chrome
Micro review; Genius is such an abused term in music journalism, but Mr. P is one, unknown geniuses are so much more romantic.

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