Sons and Fascination/Sister Feelings Call – Simple Minds

This was two albums, but the original Sons and Fascination release, which I had, included the free album Sister Feelings Call with the first 10,000 albums (and to think, most bands don’t even sell 10,000 albums anymore). After seeing Simple Minds live again recently I forgot how many times Jim Kerr asks to see the audiences hands, I actually started to count them, it was 11 times. I am so glad he is concerned with his audience’s personal hygiene. I am wandering round the house tonight singing In Trance as Mission, and every time I walk past my daughter I ask, let me see your hands, Kerr style.
Standout track; Sons and Fascination, I’m sure he is singing My son, wore lamb on Sunday morning.
Hidden gem; Theme for Great Cities, I loved this track when I was a kid, I wish bands still did instrumentals, like porn mags abandoned in woodland, you really don’t see them anymore.
Hidden Gem 2; Seeing Out the Angel, Kraftwerk with floppy fringes.
Best lyrical moment; There are so many great giggleworthy, 1980s new wave lyrics on this album, but this one is key, Only winds that twist, When white money calls, Falling here from grace, White-eye movement trust, a classic lyrical moment, I think you would all agree.

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