Substance – Joy Division

Things to do when you are bored, number 341. Here is something to try on those long rainy summer days, search Atmosphere and Joy Division on Twitter, then on each entry write the reply, I still prefer the Russ Abbott version. Some people find it mildly amusing, but some get really mad, especially when they don’t realise you are making a joke and then they ask for a link. To be fair that isn’t what makes them mad, it is the sending of the video link of Russ doing the song on Top of the Pops that does it. When did Joy Division fans become so earnest?
I wanted to listen to this tonight as it contains my favourite Joy Division track, Dead Souls. I remember perching over my radio at about 10:45, Ferguson cassette recorder to the ready with the hope of John Peel playing something that I would want on tape. Dead Souls came on, I was so captured by the beauty of it, I forgot to press pause and start recording. I still think Dead Souls is a much overlooked moment of genius in the JD canon, and to think it ended up as a B-side.
RIP; Ian Curtis and John Peel

3 thoughts on “Substance – Joy Division

  1. Loved this album when i was a teenager and, pure coincidence, found it recently in a rift store for one American dollar bill.

  2. Dig this. Yeah, can’t get enough of Dead Souls. Thanks for putting it in my head this morning: why not? They keep calling me.

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