El Baile Alemán – Señor Coconut

When you look at Kraftwerk’s influence on music both contemporary and since the 1980s it is incredible. I would argue that Kraftwerk were just as influential as The Beatles (oh, bit controversial there, calm down). But, when I heard these songs done in a Latin, samba style, I feel like I may now have to to re-evaluate that statement about influence. That is not to say it is a bad thing to cover Kraftwerk songs in the style of Latin, samba. But, I think it may not be a good thing. One thing that I would say though is that the instrumentation brings a warmth to the songs that I haven’t heard before, although there is a reason for this, George Harrison was never going to write the song – While my Moog Gently Weeps. I last listened to this album a couple of years ago and I really liked it, I showed my wife this entry tonight before I published it, and she said that she couldn’t tell if I actually liked the album or not, to be honest I’m not sure.
Hidden gem; The Robots, they make it sound like a different song, although I don’t want to hear a different song.
An aside; I like to think I like the idea of this, until I found out the whole thing is orchestrated by a German.
Micro review; We are the Robertos

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