Curious Corn – Ozric Tentacles

I was quite late to the Ozrics, I only really gave them a serious listen a couple of years ago. Since then I have accumulated most of their stuff including this album from 1997. I love this album, part space rock, part ambient trip-hop, part odd hippie world music.
Standout; Curious Corn, it’s a trip, man
Micro review; Gong for the Acid House generation.
hidden gem; Papyrus


Special King Size Dub – Dub Syndicate

Listening to this non-stop today, to work, during work, from work, after work. Funny but reggae always seems to sound better when the sun is shining, it seems to make no sense in the winter. I suppose Joy Division always seems to sound better when it is raining.
I was walking to work listening to this today and during the track Private I (Dub) I really had to concentrate on my steps. I started to walk in time to the beat and I am sure it must have looked a bit odd. In the end I had to skip to the next track just so I could walk normally.
Hidden gem; Hey, Geoff
Standout; Rat Race, fantastic, turn it up!!!