Give Em’ Enough Rope – The Clash

The teacher says we’re dumb, We’re only having fun, You know we pissed on everyone, In the classroom
I have measured out my life with Clash vinyl. Well you have to have a hobby, don’t you? I remember when I first heard this album, not long after release, and wondered what was going on with Julie’s Been Working for the Drug Squad, that ain’t no punk rock I know.
Give Em’ struggles against the other Clash albums, basically down to the production and tailoring to the US market (apart from Cut the Crap of course, but let’s not open that Pandora’s Boxset) but I would argue that the first three tracks on this album are as strong as any Punk/New Wave album released in the late 70s.
Micro review; Sandy Pearlman’s first production job without excessive cowbell use
Standout track; English Civil War
Hidden gem; Stay Free, of course.

Woodstock Soundtrack – Various

All good weekends should start with a triple album and end watching the best music documentary ever made. I accidentally acquired this album in a swap deal with a friend involving a set of wear-em-scarem’s and a pair of chest expanders.
I didn’t really get this album for the longest time, but then the just on air Channel Four decided to show the film. I was hooked, it is such a fascinating document of those amazing and turbulent times. By far and away, for me, it is Richie Haven’s singing Freedom who steals the film, what a completely gobsmacking performance. Go and watch it on YouTube, he is mesmerizing.
Best moment; Richie Havens singing Freedom, he played for so long he ran out of songs so he improvised this song on the spot.
Second best moment; Joe Cocker’s Sideburns
Best lyrical moment; Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, sleep well Richie.