Presence – Led Zeppelin

The thing about picking random albums to listen to is you can react to something that is going on, something comes along that shapes your weekly listening. I am listening to this tonight really because of Storm Thorgerson. Storm, apart from having one of the coolest ever Rock and Roll names also invented album art, I will fight anyone who disagrees. He did this by ostensibly kicking the musicians from the cover and allowing album art to become an entity in its own right. Presence is one of the great Hipgnosis covers, surreal, bizarre, puzzling and most importantly myth-making.
I am quite happy whiling away my time today listening to Nobody’s Fault but Mine, what better way is there to spend a Saturday, I still think I need to go outside though and stop burning all these black candles around the house ala J. Page.
Standout track; It has to be Achilles Last Stand, exquisite

2 thoughts on “Presence – Led Zeppelin

  1. I totally agree: wonderful album art and man the songs are so great. In Achille’s last stand you can also hear the classic Iron Maiden’s cavalcade, the epic’s the heavy metal’s grandpa ..For your life is another masterpiece, lovely drums as always.. Led Zeppelin what a great band they were!

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