Atom Heart Mother – Pink Floyd

This is another Storm Thorgerson tribute listen. I haven’t listened to this for years, but I have to say the title track is sounding really good tonight. This was an odd album cover even in 1970, when my daughter saw the cover tonight, she burst out laughing and asked if it was an album about cows, I said it was, hey who knows?
I really can’t believe both Waters and Gilmour are so down on the title track, the first 10 minutes are great, around the 11 minute mark does remind me a bit of Echoes, but it is no less inferior. I do miss 23 minute tracks though, there was always something great about a track that would take up the whole side of a vinyl record. CDs sort of closed the book on that concept, to be honest as much as I miss 23 minute tracks, I don’t fancy listening to 74 minute tracks.
Listening to Fat Old Sun, while the fat old Sun is shining is wonderful, for me one of Gilmour’s best moments, beautiful.
Hidden dud; I have always found Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast a bit pointless, I still don’t like it much.
Micro review; Dark Side of the Moo

3 thoughts on “Atom Heart Mother – Pink Floyd

  1. Love this write up, and you get bonus points for “Dark Side Of The Moo.” Well done. I’ve been a Floyd fan since I got Animals in 1977, shortly after my 11th birthday. Within the next couple of years I owned nearly everything they had released. It took me years to “get” the Syd era, but eventually I came to love it as much as anything in their catalog. I actually love nearly everything they’ve released…except for Atom Heart Mother. No matter how many times I’ve played it over the last 30+ years it’s the one Floyd album that I find uninspiring. “Fat Old Sun” is great, and I like elements of the title track, although it doesn’t hold a candle to “Echoes.” We’re in complete agreement about “Alan’s Pyschedelic Breakfast.” I enjoy a good sound collage from time to time, but not this one. I revisit Atom Heart Mother regularly, hoping my opinion will change, but it never does.


  2. I remember asking my father the same question “Is this an album about cows?” when I was young. And then being entranced by the cover of “Umagumma” (he knew that the continuous pictures were much more enticing I guess). Nonetheless, a great write up! Love going back to those albums sandwiched between Piper and Meddle every once in awhile! Cheers!

  3. I don’t know what it is but I do have a soft spot for the title track, yes it is Echoes lite, but it is great. Maybe the arrangement has something to do with it.

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