Blue Mask – Lou Reed

Lou goes a bit Velvets on this album, especially on the title track, which has a great opening sequence, but Lou is in a bit of dark place on this track, I don’t know whether to like this track or run screaming from it.
On a lighter note the track My house is hilarious for a number of reasons. Lou re-tells the story of an Ouija board session, with his wife, where he finds out that his old mate, and mentor Delmore Schwartz, is, by a strange coincidence, haunting his house. Even better though in his top three favourite things his motorbike comes before his wife.
Best lyrical moment; There are unconfirmed reports the president’s been shot, and he may be dead or dying. (Lou you are such a poet)
Best guitar wig-out moment; The end of Waves of Fear is absolutely on the money.

One thought on “Blue Mask – Lou Reed

  1. Thanks for reminding me of this album. I’ve pulled it out and been listening since first reading your post and I really like it. Unlike some of Lou’s LPs, It seems to me that, despite its tempo changes, this one manages to creates one overall atmosphere and generally stick with it. Its pretty dang melodic also!

    Ok, here’s where I might be nuts, and I must admit I haven’t listened to a ton of Lou lately, but I hear The Blue Mask, Waves of Fear and even The Gun as possible gateways/precursors to Lou’s latest, Lulu (w/Metallica). (Disclaimer: I don’t hate Lulu. I think of it as a Lou Reed record that just happens to have some famous dudes named Metallica playing the instruments.)

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