Growing up in Public – Lou Reed

This has to be the un-coolest of the three uncle Lou albums I have been listening to, lyrically it is odd, Uncle Lou seemed to be in a very strange place when writing this album (isn’t he always, I hear you cry). My Old Man is cripplingly brutal, and is actually quite hard listening. Lou Reed might be many things, but dishonest would never be one of them.
So Alone, which is musically all over the place, cuts even closer to the bone, Lou gives his perspective on the early 80s dating scene and male castration, good stuff.
One track that I really like on this album is How Do You Speak to An Angel, still a confessional, but wrapped in a verse/chorus/verse.
Micro review; Uncle Lou’s confessional album, brutally honest and deserves more credit than it’s given.

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