Woodstock Soundtrack – Various

All good weekends should start with a triple album and end watching the best music documentary ever made. I accidentally acquired this album in a swap deal with a friend involving a set of wear-em-scarem’s and a pair of chest expanders.
I didn’t really get this album for the longest time, but then the just on air Channel Four decided to show the film. I was hooked, it is such a fascinating document of those amazing and turbulent times. By far and away, for me, it is Richie Haven’s singing Freedom who steals the film, what a completely gobsmacking performance. Go and watch it on YouTube, he is mesmerizing.
Best moment; Richie Havens singing Freedom, he played for so long he ran out of songs so he improvised this song on the spot.
Second best moment; Joe Cocker’s Sideburns
Best lyrical moment; Sometimes I feel like a motherless child, sleep well Richie.


2 thoughts on “Woodstock Soundtrack – Various

  1. Great record. Great film. Agreed about Richie Havens’ performance. People always talk about The Who, Hendrix, Santana & Ten Years After (and rightly so), but Havens was just as impressive, and it was just him alone on the stage. I have both the original LP, the 2nd volume (Woodstock Two) and the 4-CD box set. So much wonderful music. I don’t play them that often, but every time the film is on TV I can’t help but watch it. Glad you’re having a good weekend of music.

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