Random Access Memories – Daft Punk

The most influential band of the last 15 years? I read that the other day while eating lunch in the canteen at work and uttered an audible snort of derision. Most people would snort in a derisory fashion at something a bit more serious that Daft Punk’s influence, but not me. I am not saying they aren’t, in their own way, influential, but the most? Maybe not.
And now, here we have the difficult fourth album, or fifth if you include the Tron soundtrack. The first two tracks on the new album are OK, very Daft Punk, not bad, but not ground-breaking either. But then, Giorgio by Moroder, wow, what a track. Giorgio by Moroder is a fantastic track, I think it is probably one of the best things they have ever done, spoken word/retro homage to the great disco king.

Stop Making Sense – Talking Heads

I haven’t listened to this for a such a long time and I have to say it all sounds a bit of its time. Mainly because it spawned the massive monster single, Slippery People. What can you say about Slippery People, the Hi-Ho Silver Lining of the university disco (I apologise for the 1990s overtones in this joke).
I suddenly realised today that this was the album that turned me off the Heads, I love everything up to this album. At the time I, like everyone else, loved this album, but I think deep down I really didn’t and I was afraid to speak out. Well here I am out of the Heads closet, almost 30 years too late, saying it loud and saying it proud; this is an average live album!
Micro review; A live album that doesn’t sound like a live album, I think it really needs the visuals.
Standout track; Take Me To The River, just for David ‘two Penguin classics short of a set’ Byrne’s mad vocal.