Daydream Nation – Sonic Youth

I am both a music lover and a terrible parent. Today my daughter and five of her One Direction loving friends were having their tea (this replaces dinner for you non-northerners, but happens earlier) so I conducted an important experiment, how much Sonic Youth could the average One Direction fan listen to without bursting into tears, like I did when I accidentally saw 10 seconds of the TV show Made in Chelsea. I gave them a blast of most of the tracks, carefully avoiding the sweary ones. I came to the conclusion that we live in a sick, Postmodernist dystopia. They actually quite liked Daydream Nation, and asked for Silver Rocket to be played again whilst dancing around the room, although I did unnerve a few of them with repeated plays of Providence, thank you Thurston.
An aside; And for my next trick I will Play Sister and Evol at my aunts 80th Birthday party, I am determined.
Hidden gem; Providence, guaranteed to scare One Direction lovers everywhere

2 thoughts on “Daydream Nation – Sonic Youth

  1. That’s some serious science work there! 🙂
    You’ve proved that (most) Daydream Nation songs have enough melody to be liked by the ‘general population’. And the record’s energy is universal, as you clearly demonstrated with your experiment – dancing to ‘Silver Rocket’ is as honest a reaction one can get from a kid.
    Those Library of Congress folks knew what they were doing when they added this one to the National Recording Registry …

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