The Eternal – Sonic Youth

I hope this isn’t the last Sonic Youth album, but I have a bad feeling that it may be the end. I had almost forgotten how great this record is and listening to it tonight am reminded of how commercial (I say that in the nicest sense of the word) they could be. I have been pulling my hair out tonight over how I could write something witty and clever about Sonic Youth, outside of calling them daughter scaring music (see last entry), I have nothing.
An aside; Sonic Youth, more than any other band, sound exactly like what a New York band should sound like, I wonder what they would have sounded like if they had come from Cleethorpes.
Hidden gem; What we Know
Standout track; Message the History, simply beautiful

3 thoughts on “The Eternal – Sonic Youth

  1. I have isolated it down to this one, and this is the album that gave me Tinnitus last year, playing it too loud on earbuds mountain-climbing pre-dawn, and getting lost.

  2. At least you have a title for your autobiography; ‘Sonic Youth Gave me Tinnitus’. I bumped into an old friend of mine a couple of years ago and he told me he had tinnitus. I asked him how he got it and after a few awkward moments of embarrassment he finally said, at a Lady Gaga concert.

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