Ladies of the Canyon – Joni Mitchell

Upon the small white bed, I fell into a dream, You sat up all the night and watched me, To see, who in the world I might be.
I have never really followed the herd much, and in many respects I end up running away from it in the opposite direction. In the early 1990s, while most of my friends were listening to the music pouring out of Seattle, I could be seen wandering the streets with Joni Mitchell albums under my arm. I did this in the hope of attracting sensitive, poetical, guitar-playing Californian women, not exactly one of my best ideas. One such under arm purchase was Ladies of the Canyon.
This album is one of the few instances I can think of where side 2 of the album (yes kids we are talking vinyl here, please keep up) is much better than side 1. The first three tracks on Side 2 are immense (Rainy Night House, The Priest and Blue Boy) and, for me, show Joni at her best, intimate and personal. In fact they are so good I have just been playing them over and over again tonight.
Hidden gem; Rainy Night House
Micro review; Another album that sounds infinitely better in the rain.

2 thoughts on “Ladies of the Canyon – Joni Mitchell

  1. Totally agree. 1,000,000%

    One of the classics of all time. Joni Miitchell, unfortunately being a complete stranger to the ‘kids’ since she hasn’t been active in years. I learned how to play guitar with this album, along with a few others around that time. ‘Rainy Night House’ is etched in memory forever. ‘The Arrangement’ is a close second.

    Recorded with Paul Horn, Jim Horn and Milt Holland. Could anyone else have done better at that time?

    No way.

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