The Only Ones – The Only Ones

Imagine having that one song, the one that 90% of your live audience is coming just to hear. Well The Only Ones are just such a band in that unenviable position, but Another Girl, Another Planet is an amazing song, it still sounds fresh and seems to transcend 1978.
It is a shame though because this is a great album, loved by those in the know, but overlooked by just about everybody else. It has some more great moments on Side 2, It’s the Truth and No Peace for the Wicked being two of them.
Best lyrical moment; Any song with the opening lines – I always flirt with death, I could kill, but I don’t care about it, has to be good.
Hidden gem; Breaking Down
An aside; Long live the wonderful shambolic genius that is Peter Perrett.


Scared to Dance – Skids

One of the great lost New Wave bands. No band comes close to reminding me of our school disco than The Skids and the only band, I know, that could get Ahoy, Ahoy into a chorus, although that being said I never knew what the hell Jobbers was singing about until about 5 years ago.
Hidden gem; The Saints are Coming, not really that hidden as it was a single.
Hidden gem 2; Scared to Dance
Micro review; One of the most original sounding New Wave bands of the period thanks, in no small part, to the amazing guitar of Stuart Adamson (RIP)
An aside; One of my great childhood memories is seeing Richard Jobson doing the kick dance to Into the Valley on Top of the Pops, then a week later watching all these young new wavers, bereft of rhythm, trying to do it at the school disco and ending up kicking each other, very funny.