13 – Black Sabbath

How to make a hit album, First take the best of your early albums, mix in some modern recording techniques (is it me or is this just loud) and bring to the boil. I am not knocking it though, it is a great album. It’s like a comfortable pair of shoes that you have owned for 10 years, when you put them on they feel so familiar and comforting. A couple of bands have tried this approach, re-creating the classic sound on contemporary releases, it is tricky though, as the Dave Gilmour led Pink Floyd would testify.
This does sound amazing, and really loud. Favourites on first listen are End of the Beginning, Age of Reason and the simply amazing Damaged Soul
Micro review; Post-apocalyptic dystonia in a Brummie accent.
Hidden gem; Damaged Soul

6 thoughts on “13 – Black Sabbath

  1. It’s definitely great. It’s definitely loud. The lyrics are definitely bad (does every song have to be about death, dying &/or good vs. evil?). The important thing is it sounds like Sabbath trying to sound like Sabbath…and succeeding. “Zeitgeist” might be the highlight of the album for me.

    Excellent & succinct review. Well done.

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