The Kick Inside – Kate Bush

Earlier today I caught my daughter and her friend laughing at the Wuthering Heights video from Top of the Pops. I think it is time for her to be sent to a Stalinist re-education camp, back to back listening of Aerial and 50 Words for Snow, that’ll set them right. To be fair though Katy was pretty out there as a performer, she never held anything back. Well after berating my daughter and friend for their cultural sensitivities I decided to give this album a listen.
I still love this album, unbelievable to think she was 16 when she wrote most of these songs. The best song on the album though is The Man with the Child in His Eyes, I still think the title sounds like bad Mills and Boon, but it is still wonderful. It might be barmy, but Wuthering Heights is still an amazing song, it’s Prog Soul.
Hidden gem; Moving

3 thoughts on “The Kick Inside – Kate Bush

  1. Very good album. I knew my parents had it in their collection as well, but never listened to it. Until I had to read Wuthering Heights for school. After my oral I listened the song Wuthering Heights first, and discovered that I was not saying Heathcliff but Headcliff… But it’s a great album!

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