Mohnomishe – Zoviet France

A curve ball flew by two weeks ago and hit me square in the face. The Pop/Rock/musical heritage of the north-east is pretty easy to sum-up, Ferry, Knopfler brothers, Sting. The Animals, Prefab Sprout, Lindisfarne and of course Jimi Hendrix (this last one is not entirely true, but he did live on Tyneside for a while). Then a couple of weeks ago a friend asked me if I had ever heard of this band, who have been around since 1980, Zoviet France, from Newcastle. What!!! from Newcastle Tyne and Wear, or some other Newcastle in an alternate universe.
I managed to find the album Mohnomishe and it is getting a first spin tonight. This is very interesting stuff and in many ways is light years ahead of its time, a kind of Cabaret Voltaire for the unhinged, I like it. I am trying to construct some bad jokes around Tyneside accents and ambient music, but it just ain’t happening.
Micro review; A Geordie Aphex Twin.
An Aside; I am still puzzled by how they seem to have completely passed me by.
Standout track; The imaginatively titled Mohnomishe 4

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