Lungs – Florence + the Machine

Well they say life is about contrasts, so after a glorious week of listening to The Deviants, now it is back to earth with a bump. Someone remarked the other day that this blog was just (JUST!!) like 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. I said, well yes, but many of these albums in my list may actually induce a coma so it would defeat the purpose. Although I do like the said book (no matter how much it weighs), it is a little bit earnest, I have visions of people in wheelchairs, wearing oxygen masks scrambling around record shops trying to find a copy of Something/Anything by Todd Rundgren.
So in the spirit of 1001 Albums I am going to write about how this entry changed my life. Yesterday I was a bedridden, drug-addled alcoholic with no hope and no future. Then I bought this Florence + the Machine album. Now I’m a bedridden, drug-addled alcoholic with no hope, no future, but with a Florence + the Machine album. You never know what life has in store for you.
Micro review; Would anyone be sent on an ethereal journey of self discovery after listening to this album? I doubt it. Novocaine for the Angry Birds Generation.

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