Trout Mask Replica – Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band

For me, one of the most enduring, and idiotic associations with this album was from an old friend of mine who would always refer to this album as Twat Mask Replica, although I don’t agree with his critical analysis, it is still funny. He was quite well versed in rock music and I was surprised that he didn’t appreciate what the Captain was doing on this because it is an amazing record.
Dachau Blues sounds amazing tonight, it manages to be both discordant and harsh, but also completely infectious and it works really well as child scaring music. I am determined to get my daughter to like this album, I am currently blasting Sugar’n Spikes in our living room while my family are trying to have a conversation about the family holiday at the end of August, it is the perfect soundtrack. Later I plan to get her to listen to My Human Gets Me Blues just before bedtime or badtime as it will become known as.
Hidden gem; Ant Man Bee
Micro review; My friend also called this album epileptic blues, which I think is a great, if not entirely PC, description.


12 thoughts on “Trout Mask Replica – Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band

  1. I first checked this out after reading an article by XTC’s Andy Partridge (in the mid-90s, I think) where he raved about it. I’ve always enjoyed it but never fully embraced its supposed genius. I play it at least once a year waiting to be enlightened, but that hasn’t quite happened…yet. The back story behind the recording of the album is an interesting one (where the musicians were subjected to mental & even physical abuse by the good Captain), and even though they came up with some amazing songs, no one involved can look back at the album without some pain. I still give it a thumbs up, and I really enjoyed your write-up.

  2. Yeah, Dachau Blues isn’t what you’d call PC. Thank god. I can do this album maybe once every two years but when I do, it’s good.

  3. I was stuck in a blizzard in Connecticut about 10 years ago driving a stretch of highway littered with cars crawling along. I put in Trout Mask for my soundtrack for the drive and it was the most surreal commute to work ever. All 28 songs made it through the journey as cars were sliding off the road and snow was piling on the windshield quicker than the wipers could wipe the snow away! If bad weather is predicted, I always have the Captain’s Trout on standby. Not a favorite but an essential must hear on occasion. Hidden Gem: Moonlight On Vermont. Nice write up! Cheers!

    • I love how certain music can transform a car journey. I wrote a bit about Zeppelin’s No Quarter while driving through Cincinnati. It was a revelation. Must try some Captain on my next road trip.

    • Was just reading your 50 Songs for 50 states, a cracking idea. I remember listening to a variety of Thomas Newman tracks (Shawshank Redemption, Revolutionary Road and American Beauty) while driving through Wiscconsin, seemed to fit with the landscape passing by the window so well.

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