The Man Who Sold the World – David Bowie

Sometimes the journey is as interesting as the destination. This was Bowie’s journey album on the way to creating Ziggy, by trying to find a sound, and a style, he made one his most interesting and underrated albums.
One of the reasons why I am listening to this today is that I have acquired it as Hi Definition audio. I wasn’t entirely convinced the first time I heard 24 bit audio, but I think this album sounds amazing (for any geeks reading this it is a 24 bit/88hz recording), but you also need to know that I have sucker tattooed across my forehead. It is ironic to be listening to this almost studio quality recording as the first version I had of this was from a cassette tape recorded by holding a cassette recorder next to a speaker for 40 minutes, complete with friend whispers and dog barking.
There is certainly a bit of chaff (Running Gun Blues) but plenty of wheat (The Width of a Circle, All the Madmen, Black Country Rock)
Hidden gem; Saviour Machine
Pointless trivia; The title track is loosely based on the poem Antigonish by William Hughes Mearns.
Micro review; I had no idea Tony Visconti could play bass like that!

7 thoughts on “The Man Who Sold the World – David Bowie

  1. Weird cover variant, seen it before but not sure where…I had the black and white one, where Bowie’s got on Freddie Mercury leotards, I think the original is him in a dress laying down, yes? Anyway, this, along with Scary Monsters, are my 2 favorite Bowie albums at the moment. That’ll change each day, however…

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