Rare – David Bowie

Till the rancid sound of the accordion bursts.
I am not sure while I put this on tonight, I was trying to find a vinyl album that I don’t have on CD and this was the first one I came to. This is a bit of a dog’s dinner, breakfast and lunch of an album. While listening to this today I am reminded of a story concerning the track Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola.
Before I bought Rare in 1983, my entirely unreliable mate would keep telling me about a version of Space Oddity he had heard sung in foreign, he wasn’t sure if it was Spanish or Russian (as it turned out he had the wrong language, it was, in fact, Italian). One of the main reasons we didn’t believe his story about Space Oddity in foreign was that he was a perennial liar, often done to make himself better than the rest of us. One time he told us he had seen a better (uncut) version of the video nasty I Spit on your Grave, and to demonstrate that it was indeed a better version he said it was called I Piss on Your Grave, that title alone still makes me smile.
Hidden gem; Amsterdam. I hadn’t heard this until I bought Rare, it is still a great song.
An aside; The only thing better than a bad compilation is a bad compilation by David Bowie.

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