Équinoxe – Jean Michel Jarre

After pulling Oxygene out of the racks a couple of weeks ago and throughly enjoying it I thought it should be the turn of Équinoxe. In some ways this is an even better album, less pop, more pretension (a fine watch-word in my book) and certainly just as influential. One of the reasons why, I think, it is better than it’s predecessor is it sounds like a coherent album, it seems to all fit together as a whole (I especially like how IV, V and VI are all connected). I miss seeing the obligatory list of equipment used, as you would see on the back of the vinyl album cover. Even though I had no idea as a 14 year old what the hell a Korg Polyphonic Ensemble was, it still sounded impressive.
Hidden gem; I am particularly liking Part III at the moment.
An aside; I am still trying to think of something funny to say about Monsieur Jarre, but he is beyond the grasp of my under-developed wit. I guess it is Magnetic Fields next.

2 thoughts on “Équinoxe – Jean Michel Jarre

  1. I love this one also. Strangely, I associate this one with Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds! I have no idea why….great post! I’ll be digging out my copy shortly.

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