Pornography – The Cure

I was dragged along to Whitley Bay Ice Rink in 1985 (one of the strangest places for gigs in the world) to see the Cure. I wasn’t the worlds biggest Cure fan at that time, the Love Cats saw to that, but I went along anyway for a bit of Goth Watching. I loved the early albums, but the last album (The Top) didn’t do it for me. We were standing abusing the support act and waiting for the main event. Then darkness descended, as it does at all gigs but it felt particularly appropriate for The Cure. They wandered on and opened with a blinding version of One Hundred Years and I was instantly hooked all over again, just like when I heard A Forest on John Peel.
The last of the gloomy albums (always my favourite period) and possibly the best one too. The first side is amazing, ending with Siamese Twins, which sounds just amazing tonight. Side two isn’t so shabby either, I dismissed this album for a long time, but I think it may be their master work.
Standout track; One Hundred Years of course.

9 thoughts on “Pornography – The Cure

  1. I never gave The Cure their due in their day and could never be bothered to back-catalogue them later on. The whole goth thing passed me by, possibly because “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” freaked the crap right out of me.

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