Bend Sinister – The Fall

I know Liam Gallagher would like to think that he holds the mantel of The Stroppiest Manc in the World. But when you put him up against Mark E. Smith, there is no competition. He makes Liam look like a veritable professional. Never, in the field of musical conflict, have so many been told to piss off by so few. I actually love the guy for it, and just hope that one day I can be told to shut up by the world’s greatest Mancunian.
The mid 80s were a great period for The Fall (weren’t they all?) and was a time when they started to produce hits, including the wonderful Mr Pharmacist. Bournemouth Runner sounds particularly good tonight, classic Fall groove, sounding like rockabilly on mushrooms.
Standout Track; R.O.D
Hidden gem; Living to Late, for me, one of their best singles.
An aside; I would argue that Mark E. is our greatest living sociologist, stick that in yer pipe Talott Parsons.

5 thoughts on “Bend Sinister – The Fall

  1. MES is my favorite artist – had a pen pal from Liverpool I swapped tapes with; didn’t see them live enough and the first time, he did a walk-off and shortly after got arrested for man-handling the keyboard player (assault of some kind), 1998 (Washington, DC). Who ages like that? He is 200 years old now, with 200 records. Thurston Moore said something like, I have 30 albums by The Fall…they all sound different, and they all sound like The Fall.

  2. Time for me to revisit this one, I think. It’s one of the few Fall LPs I have on vinyl. I think it’s a Spanish release I got on the cheap.

    First time I saw the Fall (Bradford Univeristy 1990 I think) I remember buying a High Tension Line t shirt at the merch stall during the support and sitting down at the back of the hall in the dark to put it on, only to be told moments later by my mate that sat next to me had been the man himself. I am very glad I only knew this after the event.

    I think Bemd Sinister was bang in the middle of a purple patch for The Fall that didn’t decline until the second half of the ’90’s. Extricate being a particular high point for me.

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