154 – Wire

One of the few bands who still earn critical respect and manage to release new and interesting content 37 years after forming, did you hear that Rolling Stones? I am listening to this tonight in a place of paralysis and fear, the final ever episode of Breaking Bad is on the horizon and I will effectively have nothing to talk about once it is over. I did get a laugh today though, one of my friends texted me and called it Baking Bad (I love auto-correct) I responded, asking if it were about a group of people cooking a 98% pure meat pie.
I might just be me, but when I heard this at the time I never considered it groundbreaking or ahead of the time, it was just a good New Wave album. But listening to it now in 2013, it sounds incredible, did many bands sound like this in 1979?
Hidden gem; The 15th, showing that they can make pop music too.
Standout track; Map Ref. 41°N 93°W
Micro Review: I have measured out my life with Wire singles, it is an addiction with no known cure.


One thought on “154 – Wire

  1. This is the good stuff. I listened to Newman’s Fish thing last night, in the dark, trying to coax my wife to hear the value in it. Putting Wire and The Fall together…what’s next? X?

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