Troubled – The New Creation

After taking a couple of months off from the blog I am back for a while. These albums won’t play themselves.
Imagine if the Velvet Underground were a bunch of extremely conservative, hell fire Christians, this is what they would sound like, and it works as an album. I feel so sorry for Chris Towers (the guitarist in the band), the only way he was ever going to be allowed to do something as sinful as play lead guitar in a band was if his mam was the singer and their neighbour, and fellow church member, the drummer. Songs about The Rapture are not usually my thing, but they make The Rapture sound like fun.
This is no clappy-happy Christian rock band, they would give Sabbath a run for their money in a post-apocalyptic brimstone lyric song-off.
Standout Track; Songs to Sing
Micro Review; If churches had garages, this would be the band playing in it.

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