3000 Songs in 3000 Days

Well, sort of.. I have decided to plod on with the blog, but instead of trying and failing to do this with albums I have decided to narrow the focus (read cop out) and do a song a day. This is much more achievable and allows me to deviate a bit from what has become a bit of a straitjacket in terms of the form and structure of the entries.

2 thoughts on “3000 Songs in 3000 Days

  1. Cool. Glad you will be keeping up the blog. I say no blame no shame. You picked out a rather monumental task with the albums. Still, I’ve had a lot of fun with your blog. I have over 1,500 LP’s. About 1/3 of them are the collections of friends. I don’t always know what I’ve got.
    When you reviewed Ian Dury, New Boots And Panties, I immediately turned to my collection and found two pristine copies. One a very early pressing, no bar code. I played a very fun and fine album thanks to you. This has happened more then once. Thanks for the fun and Rock On! Bob.

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