Teenage Warning – Angelic Upstarts

The greatest band ever to come out of South Shields. I have very fond memories of listening to this album in what was then Durham’s premier music shop, Musicore. I was with a couple of learned gentleman and together we thought we would go to said music shop and see if the long-awaited (well in our heads it was, our own Makem Sham 69) Angelic Upstarts album was out. Our luck was in and it was on the listening post, so one of us donned the headphones and listened. I mentioned this story recently to the people who were there and none of them could remember it, so this may actually be a false memory. The volume on the album was up fairly high on the headphones so our designated listener was reviewing the songs to us at the top of his voice. It was all going well until he started getting excited and began swearing at a considerable volume, whereupon we were thrown out. But we didn’t care, we were Punk rockers, we lived on the edge, getting thrown out of record shops was what we did, as long as our parents didn’t find out.
Listening to this tonight I can’t believe how rough it sounds, it almost sounds like a demo. Liddle Towers is the sticky, drunken son of Dylan’s Hattie Carrol, and it’s still shocking and quite brilliant.
An aside; I’m an Upstart has the best no-riff of any punk song from the 70s.
Hidden gem; Youth Leader
Best lyrical momnet; 13, 14 It’s a teenage warning. 15, 16 But nobody’s listening. 17, 18 Who takes the blame. 19, 20 The twentieth century.