Music for Airports – Brian Eno

I really wanted to listen to this today in Newcastle airport but my plans changed so I won’t be returning to Dublin until January. So I guess I will have to call it the more banal Music for Cold Conservatories, as that is where most of it was listened to. As a soundtrack to sitting shivering in a conservatory, it does indeed work, I guess Bry wouldn’t be impressed though. I was thinking while listening to this what other situations could special music be written to accompany. Music for Restaurants? Music for Dentist Waiting Rooms? Or the incredibly middle class, Music for Waitrose.
An afterthought; No music could ever fully describe the tedium of Newcastle Airport on a Sunday night.

Before and After Science – Brian Eno

We all must love big, bald Bri. I spent a year living in Suffolk and spent most weekends wandering around Woodbridge hoping to bump into him. Bri is a very interesting ‘musician’, and has left us some great work, apart from his work with those venture capitalists, U2. He seems to straddle the line between pompous and pop very well, it is a very difficult line to walk, and many fail (add your own example here). For a self-confessed non-musician he has made an awful lot of albums.
It is surprising how fresh this album sounds, and I am suspicious of how much it sounds like Talking Heads circa Remain in Light. Too many great tracks to call out really, but I do have a particular soft spot for Julie With, this is Bri walking that line between pop and pompous and doing it so effortlessly.
Hidden gem; More like scream out loud gem really, King’s Lead Hat (simply amazing, this laptop goes to 11)
Micro Review; English Krautrock from the dome-headed Syd Barratt of the synth.