Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks – Brian Eno

After listening to Dark Side of the Moon as the soundtrack to the Wizard of Oz. I thought I would try another experiment and sync up Brian Eno’s Apollo with Geordie Shore. Maybe next I will read Jurgen Habermas while listening to Ceryl Cole. The bits that seemed to work the best were the night vision cameras in the bedrooms, you could almost imagine they were lying there listening to Brian Eno and discussing his place in the pantheon of experimental music. After a couple of tracks I gave up turned the TV off and listened to An Ending (Ascent) while watching my reflection in the blank TV screen. The black screen as a canvas for Eno seemed to make much more sense. I then popped my head outside as it was quite dark. I put my ipod on and listened to Always Returning while watching the clouds move over the moon, go on and try it tonight. I think I will endeavour to listen to any other Eno albums outside, at night.