Stick to Me – Graham Parker and the Rumour

I am on a Parker tip, not Charlie but Graham. After listening to the new album I thought I would dive into an old one. This is not exactly the obvious choice for Parker fans, but it contains my favourite track all time, Watch the Moon Come Down. I would love to have the talent to come even close to writing a song like this, it is just perfect, I never tire of it. Even as a sticky punk kid I still liked it subtleties, it towered above the New Wave songs of the time, and still does.
Hidden gem; I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down, Graham Parker shows Paul Young how to own a cover version.
Best lyrical moment; As the workmen walk home, reflected in the car chrome
Micro review; Genius is such an abused term in music journalism, but Mr. P is one, unknown geniuses are so much more romantic.

Three Chords Good – Graham Parker and the Rumour

When I am in London I often drag my family around the capital’s historical landmarks, Heddon Street the location for the Ziggy Stardust cover, the back of the Savoy Hotel where Dylan shot the promo film for Subterranean Homesick Blues and of course we scour the city searching for the blue plaques detailing all the houses the various members of The Cockney Rejects lived in.
While wandering around London looking at all this stuff I started to wonder why the UK didn’t have some kind of national museum of music, I think it would be a fantastic place, and one person who would definitely have to feature large would be Mr. G. I can’t stop playing this album, it sounds like it has just burst out of 1979, snarls and all. When I heard, Long Emotional Ride, it brought a lump to my throat, the boys are back.
Best lyrical moment; I practise mass hypnosis, you’ll get sucked in by osmosis, but here comes my gnostic gnosis (and guess what my gross is)
Standout track; Snake Oil Capital of the World, the bastard child of Hey Lord… and it is wonderful.