Nicely Out of Tune – Lindisfarne

I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that I had written a book about the popular cultural history of Newcastle (exciting dream, eh?). Anyway when I woke up I wondered what a title for such a tome could be. I thought it would be something like, A Cultural History of Newcastle: From Eric Burden to Geordie Shore. Which I think is the most depressing book title, ever. But I digress, I think that Lindisfarne would definitely, and quite rightly, take up a couple of chapters in this imaginary book.
This is probably my favourite Lindisfarne album, although Fog on the Tyne sometimes runs a joint first. Some fantastic tracks on this, Lady Eleanor is quite simply one of my favourite tracks from this era, what an incredible song. Winter Song is another great track, a simple, subtle Alan Hull gem. We can Swing Together always reminds me of a Friday night in Newcastle, my friend once said only Northerners get Lindisfarne (He was from Cambridge), I would disagree with him, but maybe you have to know the area to get this track.
Hidden gem: Scarecrow Song (I am sure Oasis have nicked bits of this, who am I kidding, of course they have!)
An aside: I don’t think Geordie Shore is actually real, I think they are all RADA trained actors from Hampshire and the whole thing is an elaborate experiment in TV drama.