Legendary Hearts – Lou Reed

I thought I would give the three most unloved Lou Reed albums an outing over the next couple of days. It is a shame that these albums get overlooked, true they are a 1960s rock god’s 1980s albums, always a tricky decade, just look at Bowie.
When I was a kid my friend had a music room, yes, a music room. He convinced his parents to give over their spare room to 500 albums and a Mission Hi-fi. This was one of the albums that reminds me of his music room.
I still love the title track, Mr. Reed reminding us that you don’t have to sound like Aretha Franklin to have soul.
Micro review; You know what they say, even shit Lou Reed is still interesting.


Metal Machine Music – Lou Reed

Now this is the music that is playing in Charlie Sheen’s head. But really Mr. Reed, 4 sides of this. I want to throw a little idea out there, might be a long shot, but I think this could have been a single album. It is a funny and brave move and was made as a two fingered salute (one fingered if Mr. Reed is reading this) to his then record company RCA, what a guy. To be honest I couldn’t get through all 4 sides of this today, skipped over the first two sides. Actually, I quite like Part III, but only on an empty stomach.
Here is my one word review; bonkers.