Take Me Home – One Direction

I was going to write a big long bile filled angry rant about Simon Cowell as a cancer, growing in the belly of music and One Direction as the leiomyosarcoma. But then I thought, so what, in a couple of years nobody will care about this band, there is no permanence to what they do and I shouldn’t get so hung-up about them. Maybe it has always been like this and the fluff and garbage always floats to the top. I think I sometimes see the 1970s as a golden age, but we shouldn’t forget someone like Nick Drake, wofully overlooked during his brief time on this planet while a band like Mud became hugely popular.
I borrowed this from my daughter, to be fair I don’t even think she really likes them, but feels she should like them because her friends do. Maybe the whole thing is based on peer pressure, and nobody actually likes them.
Micro review; In an attempt to get raunchy for the second album, they become an even easier target. Mud for the 21st century, that’s right, that’s right, that’s right, that’s right.