Please – Pet Shop Boys

I was taught a new word the other day, munter. My taxi driver, taught me it. He was a charming man whose stomach touched the steering wheel and whose BO smelt weeks rather than days old. I never quite decided what the word meant, but I guess it was a less than complementary term to describe a woman. Does the word come from Gabrielle Munter, the German expressionist, I asked? I didn’t think he would have got the reference, and his reply was the old northern standby, Are you gay mate? often uttered by taxi drivers everywhere when you don’t quite add up.
His music taste didn’t quite add up either, he was listening to the Pet Shop Boys, a strange choice for a homophobic cabbie. When I got home, everyone was in bed so I went upstairs and listened to West End Girls and Love Comes Quickly (one of their best singles).
Micro review; A soundtrack for homophobic cab rides.