Meddle – Pink Floyd

They say white men can’t jump and also I would add, posh boys can’t rock.
Posh boys also can’t shout anti-conservative slogans without sounding odd. I hate the Tories, doesn’t sound as menacing when you sound like Lord Grantham, it really needs a scouse accent.
I listened to Echoes tonight (yes, played by posh boys), the only way you can, with the lights off. It’s a great track and has to be listened to with the lights off, when I was 14 many of my albums were played in darkness, switching the light off was, and still is, the closest thing I get to mind altering. My wife came upstairs about half way through Echoes, and not realising I was upstairs turned the hi-fi off. I was listening to that, I shouted into the darkness. So she came back up the stairs turned the hi-fi back on and put the light on, chicks eh, they just don’t know how to rock!
Sometime in the 80s I decided to love the bass, many don’t and it’s a shame. The one track to love the bass on here is One of these Days, brilliant. Ironically one of my favourite bass lines, The Doors WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat), was actually played on the organ.
Micro review: Maybe some posh boys can rock, Pink Floyd are the exception that proves the rule.

Relics – Pink Floyd

This was the first Pink Floyd album I ever bought. Not for any high minded reason, simply that in the early 80s this was the cheapest one. Not that it is a bad first album, it is quite a good introduction to the Floyd canon. I would spend many double periods of Technical Drawing discussing this album with Tommy Maskett, Tommy wasn’t an errant student fan of the Floyd, he was the teacher. I remember one debate about the relative merits of Interstellar Overdrive. I remember quite liking it but my teacher thought it was ‘a bit much, that’.
There are some forgotten gems on this, I love Biding my Time, which is quite untypical Floyd with its bluesy moments. No matter what teacher said, Interstellar Overdrive is a work of genius, the psychedelic deconstruction of the pop song (did I really just say that). Remember a Day is spell binding, with Nick Mason pulling a full shift (not something he always did). From the two singles I always preferred See Emily Play, it is a pop song, with something else going on just under the surface, which makes it really irresistible.
Hidden gem; Cirrus Minor, for so many reasons, but the main one being the keyboard instrumental break in the middle.