Saucerful of Secrets – Pink Floyd

For some reason this has ended up being my least played Floyd album. I really don’t know how that happened so I thought I would give it a listen tonight. I suppose it is a bit of a transitional album, they went from playing 4 minute spacy pop songs to 11 minute spacy pop songs. Set the Controls.. is great as is the almost funky Let There Be More Light. Not sure about A Saucerful of Secrets though, posh Hawkwind. Jugband Blues (Syd’s leaving present to the band) is a little gem of a song, still hinting at his genius. If Pink Floyd albums existed in a Football League this album would be jostling at the top of the Championship, maybe in a play-off spot.
In the early 90s my wife and I went to Italy, mostly based in Rome we also took an organised trip to Pompeii. We were standing with a group of about 20 others listening to our tour guide telling us something interesting, that I wasn’t entirely paying attention to. Suddenly, out the corner of my eye I see the Roman amphitheatre where Pink Floyd filmed Live at Pompeii. Without any regard for my tour guide or the others in our group, I shouted out ‘Pink Floyd amphitheatre’ and went running off down the hill like a teenage boy who has just seen a pair of breasts. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the day pacing around the amphitheatre trying to remember the film, happy days.
Hidden gem; Remember a Day
Micro review; The West Ham of albums

Animals – Pink Floyd

You’re nearly a real treat, all tight lips and cold feet.
I have really grown into this album, it wasn’t one of my favourite Floyd albums until I was in my 30s, once in my 30s I could identify more fully with Roger Waters’ sneering middle-aged, middle-class, dinner-party rage.
For me the heart of the album is Dogs (closing side one on the record) and Pigs (opening side 2), closely followed by Sheep (there are probably a number of jokes to be made here using the track listing of this album). Like all Floyd albums since Meddle, Rick Wright adds the extra element that made them special, especially the opening of Sheep, and the synths in the middle of Dogs. Pigs sounded brilliant tonight, although I jested earlier about Waters rage, it is a really angry song (using the f word months before the Sex Pistols used it on their début).
I met my American friend once at Heathrow on his first visit to the UK. He was very jet-lagged and he slumped down in his seat on the tube as we headed into London, that is until we passed Battersea Power Station, at which point he jumped up pointing to it shouting ‘It’s Animals, its Animals’, then started to play the air guitar solo from Dogs to a packed subway train, with his eyes closed, happy days.
Two word review; Melodious anger.