Metal Box (Second Edition) – Public Image LTD

‘Drive to the forest in a Japanese car’
Trying to listen to this today around other people really didn’t work. People still take great offence to this album. In a world of X-Factor and other glorified karaoke TV could Metal Box sound even more radical than it did in 79? Made from reggae cut ups and Krautrock it still has the power to shock. From the reactions of people around me ‘Get that shit off’, ‘What’s this noise’, ‘Put some Coldplay on’ it still has an effect on people. I tried playing Poptones to a friend who played bass. I told him to listen to the bass, it confused and annoyed him in equal measure, he then told me politely to turn it off. So I am with Metal Box alone, with my headphones, in the man cave, just like 1979. It still sounds great, all you Cowell fans.