Rumor and Sigh – Richard Thompson

Red hair and black leather, my favourite colour scheme
That lyric sounds like it could have come from a Led Zeppelin song, but it was written by Richard Thompson. I like the fact that I like Richard Thompson, odd I know, but he writes grown up (not that I have been allowed into that particular club, yet) music, and I like the idea that I like it (I don’t have to hide his albums when my wife’s friends come round, like I do with my Throbbing Gristle collection).
Some great tracks on this, Read About Love, the glorious Mystery Wind and I Feel So Good. My favourite tracks are the beautiful, dark and twisted I Misunderstood (so subtle, you almost miss it) and the just jaw droppingly good 1952 Vincent Black Lightning, I am not alone here as it is probably one of Thompson’s most loved tracks. Aside from the red hair and black leather lyric this track has some of the best guitar playing this side of, well nobody really, it is that good.
Micro review; Pop music for middle age