Ju Ju – Siouxsie and the Banshees

For me Juju can be summed up with one sentence, the magnificence that is john McGeoch. I had to listen to this at night, obviously, and it stuck me as how creepy this album is musically, lyrically maybe not so much. Outside of the great singles, the best track for me is Night Shift, which I suppose is also them at their most Gothy. Another great John McGeoch moment is Monitor. After listening to this I had a quick skim over the albums preceding it and I think this is now my favourite Banshees’ album, but in 1981 it really wasn’t.
As I was listening to Juju today I was also reading some chapter samples from Fifty Shades of Grey. More like Fifty Shades of Brown, not great really, but perfect for our x-factor, paper thin age. Kind of Barbara Cartland with ‘knobs on’, sorry I couldn’t resist that.
I think I may write a male version, I will call it Fifty Shades of Get Yer Tits out.