The Eternal – Sonic Youth

I hope this isn’t the last Sonic Youth album, but I have a bad feeling that it may be the end. I had almost forgotten how great this record is and listening to it tonight am reminded of how commercial (I say that in the nicest sense of the word) they could be. I have been pulling my hair out tonight over how I could write something witty and clever about Sonic Youth, outside of calling them daughter scaring music (see last entry), I have nothing.
An aside; Sonic Youth, more than any other band, sound exactly like what a New York band should sound like, I wonder what they would have sounded like if they had come from Cleethorpes.
Hidden gem; What we Know
Standout track; Message the History, simply beautiful

Daydream Nation – Sonic Youth

I am both a music lover and a terrible parent. Today my daughter and five of her One Direction loving friends were having their tea (this replaces dinner for you non-northerners, but happens earlier) so I conducted an important experiment, how much Sonic Youth could the average One Direction fan listen to without bursting into tears, like I did when I accidentally saw 10 seconds of the TV show Made in Chelsea. I gave them a blast of most of the tracks, carefully avoiding the sweary ones. I came to the conclusion that we live in a sick, Postmodernist dystopia. They actually quite liked Daydream Nation, and asked for Silver Rocket to be played again whilst dancing around the room, although I did unnerve a few of them with repeated plays of Providence, thank you Thurston.
An aside; And for my next trick I will Play Sister and Evol at my aunts 80th Birthday party, I am determined.
Hidden gem; Providence, guaranteed to scare One Direction lovers everywhere