Gaucho – Steely Dan

She thinks I’m crazy
But I’m just growing old
I am a bit of a closet Dan fan and have been known to deny my love of the jazz noodling duo publicly on many occasions, what me an old punk, not my album, someone left it here. This album sounds amazing, it must, it has 42 musicians on it!
The first three tracks on side 1 are among some of the best things they ever did, in fact all the tracks are incredible, apart from My Rival which I have never really got.
Micro review; You know you are getting perfection listening to this, those musicians laboured through the night without food or cocaine until they got it spot on. You got to admire that kind of dedication.
Stand-out track; Babylon Sisters, Steely Dan do funk thanks to the amazing drumming of Bernard “Pretty” Purdie.

The Royal Scam – Steely Dan

‘Is there gas in the car?
Yes, there’s gas in the car’
Really author, Steely Dan, after showing us your punk/post-punk credentials this is where you take us. Yes, dear reader, yes. As George Michael told us we have to Listen Without Prejudice (thank you George). Although it has the world’s worst cover art, the music is sublime. Anyone who enjoys musicianship at its best will not be disappointed by Becker and Fagan’s work ethic of threatening to whip session guitarists if they didn’t get it right. This adherence to 19th century style labour brought out the best in these musicians. The thing about Steely Dan, you can get a sneak listen in in public and people who don’t know who they are, don’t get offended. However, in my experience, metal heads and punks have a profound dislike of them.
Two tracks to listen to – Don’t Take Me Alive with a fantastic guitar solo by Larry Carlton and the title track which shuffles and grooves along with 6 minutes of wonderfulness (wonderfulness is used here with the kind permission of Stephen Fry 2002).