Stop Making Sense – Talking Heads

I haven’t listened to this for a such a long time and I have to say it all sounds a bit of its time. Mainly because it spawned the massive monster single, Slippery People. What can you say about Slippery People, the Hi-Ho Silver Lining of the university disco (I apologise for the 1990s overtones in this joke).
I suddenly realised today that this was the album that turned me off the Heads, I love everything up to this album. At the time I, like everyone else, loved this album, but I think deep down I really didn’t and I was afraid to speak out. Well here I am out of the Heads closet, almost 30 years too late, saying it loud and saying it proud; this is an average live album!
Micro review; A live album that doesn’t sound like a live album, I think it really needs the visuals.
Standout track; Take Me To The River, just for David ‘two Penguin classics short of a set’ Byrne’s mad vocal.

Fear of Music – Talking Heads

The track Animals is basically proof, if more proof were indeed needed, that Davey Byrne is a few Penguin Classics short of a set. When I first heard this album I really didn’t get it, it didn’t fit the narrow, jaundiced version of New Wave that I had created in my head. It sounded, all foreign. When I finally got the music, then I started to consider the lyrics, I am still coming to grips with those. The track Heaven is still musically a big furry blanket of a song, every so often I like to wrap myself in it, tonight is one of those times.
Hidden gem; Cities (irresistible Post-funk, Television plays Sister Sledge)
Micro Review; Fear of David Byrne’s head
An aside; I would still pay good money to see Talking Heads do one last tour.