Tangram – Tangerine Dream

I thought, for today’s album, I would listen to Tangerine Dream on mushrooms. Mushrooms seemed perfect as they would highten the electronic noodlings of our favourite German soundworld merchants. I managed to get in touch with my dealer (fruit and veg dealer), well I say get in touch, I just popped into his shop and bought some nice button mushrooms.
I have always liked Tangram, certainly not a Tangerine classic, actually, come to think of it, is there a classic Tangerine Dream album?
I have always had a soft spot for the Dream though, and think this album is a gem, and packed with great melodies.
However, they are hardly wild men of rock. I could easily imagine them reading old copies of Practical Electronics backstage just before a gig. The thing with TDream, you can’t publicly admit to liking them. Most people who you mention TD to will just give you a puzzled look. However real music fans are more likely to chase you down the street.
Two word review; Guilty pleasure.