The Clash – The Clash

What the hell is wrong with me?
This was, I think, the second album I owned, discounting, obviously the Partridge Family album that I got for a pre-Punk Christmas. I never get tired of this album, and although there are better versions of these tracks around, it still stands as a great statement, a plan of attack.
I had a debate a couple of years ago, in a pub with an old friend and his 18 year old son. The Kid (as he shall be known) was adamant that he lived in a golden age compared to living through the late 70s and early 80s. I didn’t really agree, but he argued his corner well and the beer that I had consumed earlier dulled my senses and arguments. So I am calling him out now (2 years later) and here is what I wanted to say at the time. I spent my youth listening to The Clash, you spent your youth sleeping outside a shop so you could buy a telephone, give me my youth any day. Technology, shit it.
Back to the album, and what an album. It is probably the first time writing this blog that I can’t call out specific tracks. The whole album is brilliant, and a much stronger début than the Pistols offering.
Hidden gem; All of them.
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