LA Woman – The Doors

Then the Doors make a grown up Rock and Roll album. This was always my favourite album as a kid and it was the only one that I could still listen to, even when I fell out of love with them. I had this album with a Dymo sticker (hard plastic sticker that you could press out letters on to, usually used to put your name on stuff) on it saying, This album belongs to.. If anyone should ever come across this album, with dymo sticker intact, I would pay good money to get it back.
Love her Madly is a great track, it is fantastic, and once again made better by Robbie Krieger’s fantastic unstated guitar throughout. The Cars Hiss By My Window is amazing, I know most people would say Zeppelin did this kind of electric blues much better, but I like this track, a lot. Crawling King Snake is another track that has some amazing guitars in it, especially those noisy extended licks (did I really just use the term guitar licks) throughout. Best track, for me is The WASP, what a groove man (sorry), Morrison’s lyrics are a bit much (forget the night, come live with us in forests of azure, OK Jim), but I think the band never sounded more together as they do on this track. Welcome back Jim, it has been a long time.
Hidden gem; Been Down So Long, mainly for those guitar solos.
Micro review; What other band has called it day with an album as strong as this? I just wish all the kids who have the Morrison poster or the decontextualised Doors t-shirt have actually listened to the album.

The Doors – The Doors

I thought about going on a Bartok bender this weekend, but I imagine all you kids in Rock and Roll land would not like me for that, so instead we have The Doors. I loved The Doors when I was a teenager, they were so bloody exciting and the first band (apart from The Beatles) that I looked back beyond the zeitgeist of punk (sorry) to discover. But, as I got older, I grew to dislike them, especially Jim Morrison. I now realise it wasn’t Jim’s fault he became a poster, kids loved the tragedy of him, without realising the music. I have recently been on a journey of rediscovery (I am sure that is the title of a Doors compilation) and I am now firmly in tune again with this album and LA woman, the middle albums I still have issues with.
I am listening to the 40th anniversary release of this and I have just had to play Break on Through for a third time, it really sounds that good. The Keyboards sound incredible, much better than the standard album. The Crystal Ship was always one of my favourite tracks when I was a kid, and it still is, outstanding. I love the psychedelic blues of Back Door Man, Morrison’s best vocal on the album, easily (I really get this track, I often use the back door of our house). I thought I would give The End a serious listen today as I often skip it as there is so much baggage connected to it. It is an amazing song, and sounds fantastic on this new stereo release, Robbie Krieger makes this song special. He was the most subtle and understated guitarist of his generation, I doth my North Vietnamese army cap to him. I have to say, I still giggle at the line ride the snake, sorry.
Hidden gem; End of the Night