The Joshua Tree – U2

I thought, when in Rome etc, etc, and as I am back in Dublin I thought I would give U2 another run-out. As I write this though I have to admit that every Irish person I have met here, and everyone I have met outside of Ireland have never professed a love of U2, so there you go. Although one thing I have picked up from Ireland is a better understanding of the use of the word Feck.
When I watched Father Ted I thought, quite wrongly as it turned out, that when Father Jack said Feck all the time it was a way of allowing him to say the F word without saying it, I never thought that it was actually a term in current, and widespread use in Ireland. It is a great way of saying it, without saying it and I am surprised it doesn’t get used more outside of Ireland. For example U2 would be far more interesting if they incorporated it. Imagine, I Still Haven’t Found What I am Feckin Looking For, or Where the Streets Have No Feckin Name.
An aside; When in feckin Rome…listen to the Virgin Prunes

Boy – U2

For all you people who like U2, please don’t. Sorry, just a little joke.
Decided to listen to an album that I have that I don’t necessarily like. I bought this at a church fate with about 20 other indie CDs for about 10p each. I have visions of some poor guy coming home from work to find his – Godfathers, Shop Assistants, Fall, U2, Fuzzbox, Birthday Party, Cramps, Woodentops CDs missing. It seems like he attended the same indie discos as me in the 80s.
Twilight, Stories for Boys, The Ocean, The Electric Co. Still really stand out, the whole album is really good. The thing I don’t/can’t get about U2 is ‘What are they?’, lite indie, goth without gloom, Joy Division with no minor chords. They sound both stolen and original, very annoying.
In celebration of Cern’s announcement in a couple of days, here is a Higgs Boson joke.

A Higgs-Boson walks into a church, the priest says “We don’t allow Higgs-Bosons in here.”
The Higgs-Boson says “But without me how can you have mass?